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coalition ends homlessness in raleigh
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Coalitionoalition is born out of necessity. Raleigh, NC, like much of the country, is experiencing a growing epidemic of homelessness as well as re-entry issues after incarceration. Some facilities for the homeless are generous enough to help homeless individuals acquire their GED, find job training, job placement, and even assist with purchasing a home. However, a GED only supports a minimum wage, which can quickly lead back to homelessness.

David Breen has spent the last 15 months at the Raleigh Rescue Mission piloting a new program that is focused on transforming lives. Where others saw hardened criminals, people suffering from mental illness, and substance abusers, David saw men and women who have lost hope for a better life. In hearing their stories, a pattern began to emerge. David concluded that the clients he was encountering all needed a basic progression of support: healing, education, training, and an open door to opportunity. Typically, our care for the homeless ends at “education,” but Coalition will provide the homeless with the training and the opportunities they need to escape homelessness forever.