At CoalitionNC, we strive to build an inclusive culture that guides each of our clients on the path to personal healing, education, and fulfillment through employment and greater purpose in life. However, in order to build an inclusive culture, there are certain important steps that need to be taken. Here is our guide to building an inclusive culture.

The building blocks of an inclusive culture

  1. The bottom up approach: in order to build a non-profit culture that is reflective of its people, it needs to be structured this way from the very beginning. At CoalitionNC, our open door policy is a bottom-up approach that ensures we provide equal to our program for all. In other words, make sure that an open door policy is an imperative.
  2. Celebrate differences: At CoalitionNC, we understand that no single story of homelessness can relate to the next. Everyone has a different story to tell, and a different path to healing, and we should celebrate these differences as life-defining moments that give us hope and fulfillment.
  3. Communicate objectives and measure progress: clear communication and understanding of where each and every one of our program participants stand is key to our inclusive culture. We exist to serve the needs of our clients. Without a direct line of communication that is constant in nature, it is impossible to build an inclusive culture.

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