Our mission is driven by inspiration and faith––inspiration to ignite a fire of lasting hope in all those who have been overlooked in society, and faith that we have the necessary resources to fulfill this greater vision. We exist to address the reality of homelessness and the underlying challenges that cause homelessness for individuals.

In Raleigh and Wake County, homelessness is increasing 8% each year. With over 6,000 individuals seeking homeless services, 70% of those are considered homeless due to a recent situation in their lives. Furthermore, an estimated 27,900 North Carolinians experiences homelessness in 2019, and the unemployment rate in NC sits at 12.2%. Not only that, but COVID has exacerbated the structural disparities of our society, making it even more difficult for the homeless to get back up and onto their feet. So how do we solve this problem? Here are some quick facts about our coalition:

  • Education: CoalitionNC’s program is modeled after GeorgiaWorks! and Homeboy Industries, each boasting a great than 80% year-after-year success rate. This is because we teach via personalized methods. Our teaching includes life skills, job skills training, social expectations, and/or budgeting. We do this for 6-8 months, and then provide ‘aftercare’ for as long as necessary. For life, if that’s what’s needed.
  • Job Placement: Once a client is ready to get back to society, we employ. And through aftercare and ongoing counseling, we help each client stay employed.
  • Staffing Services: Job placement, whether temporary or temp-to-perm, helps ensure self-sufficiency for years to come. Our staffing services agency is based on already-proven models.
  • Open door policy: We remain committed to each of our clients through aftercare, with an open-door policy for future healing needs, for whenever and as long as they need
  • Healing: First we heal, to strengthen and empower each of our clients. Healing is the foundation – the very cornerstone of our program.

With these 5 pillars of our approach, we heal, educate, and employ for a lifetime. Learn more about our coalition here.