2020 was a truly testing year for all of us. It revealed the importance of unity, togetherness, spirit, and hope for humanity. Over the last year, CoalitionNC has been grateful to have been able to contribute to the local community in Raleigh, NC––serving as a beacon of understanding, healing, education, and hope for the homeless. Although Coronavirus caused sharp upticks in homelessness throughout the country, it has made us more resilient as a Coalition in combatting the matter at hand. With more awareness being channeled towards disparaged communities in 2020, we feel that our mission and vision have been elevated to the next level. In times of crisis, actions speak loudest.

Therefore, as the year 2021 approaches, it is our objective to continue upholding our position of healing in the Raleigh community, and to continue to eliminate homelessness one individual at a time. 2020 taught us just what the power of hope and disseminating hope can do. The effects of Coronavirus also made us stronger as a Coalition, both in spirit and in business strategy. We have become more agile and fine tuned in our approach, and we feel confident that 2021 will be our year where we make a true mark on the goal to solve homelessness once and for all.

Join us in our mission for 2021 at this link, and get involved with our community as soon as today.