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Employers want the following from our research––be on time, show up sober, and be ready to work.

  • Be on time: clocking into work at the same time every morning is a vital part of employee life, and is essential for success at any organization. We coach our participants on the key practice of timeliness by consistently working on skills related to building strong routines and helpful habits.  
  • Show up sober: our dynamic, adaptive 6-8 month rehabilitation program pulls from top industry talent, resulting in historic year-over-year successes in addressing substance abuse and other forms of self harm. We deliver high quality temporary employees that have been drug tested twice per week, and are backed by our mental support mechanism. At the end of our program, our participants are ready to show up to work clean and full of energy. 
  • Be ready to work: our unique customized approach to rehabilitation enables us to fine-tune each participant’s skill-building journey, providing them with all of the tools they need in order to succeed on day one of employment, and beyond. Each individual goes through rigorous and comprehensive training that is geared towards specific entry level tasks, ensuring maximum job delivery. Not only that, but our method of instruction cultivates hope in each individual, and makes them truly excited to begin their employment journey.

If you are an employer that uses temporary employees please contact us for more information.

Staffing Services

Our staffing services work with every single one of our clients individually to not only ensure that job placement criteria is met, but also to gain our client’s confidence in their abilities to excel at their chosen trade. We work with top industry experts to narrow down niche entry-level occupations so that each of our program participants can enter the workforce with complete knowledge that they can and will succeed. Our experienced staffing services also conduct extensive market research into each potential job placement, meaning that we only deal with pre-vetted employers, and we are further able to provide each client with the best possible employment experience. Not only that, but our staffing services serve as round-the-clock moral support for our program participants.

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