In a world where riots, chaos and confusion have become commonplace, the concept of hope––the strongest unifying force there is––has vanished. Once called the beautiful “City of The Roses,” Portland now sports a new face, one painted by civil unrest and societal anguish. Recent tragic events in our nation that involve our law enforcement have widened racial and socioeconomic disparities, leading individuals down the ruinous rabbit hole of constant discouragement. 

How can a person in this situation hang on to hope when all they have to think about is that fact that they aren’t good enough for society, or that they do not feel loved or welcomed? Over the last several decades, this country has succeeded to eyeroll over generations of poor and impoverished communities, forgetting the very premise of being one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

As a result of this, millions of neglected Americans, who feel they have no purpose in society, have sought refuge and comfort not in God, their families or loved ones––but in drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous substances that give one a false sense of hope and belonging. What if there was a way that we could restore hope and purpose in these populations, and amend this problem once and for all? 

At CoalitionNC, we believe that our comprehensive approach, which equips impoverished and homeless populations with the ability to learn a trade and regain a purpose in life, is the key to solving the major problems of addiction, disparity, and hopelessness. Learn more about our integrated rehabilitation program here.